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Some details...

Here are a few details to help with your planning.

SCHEDULES: The schedules for the conference has been posted online:

VuFind Summit:
Code4Lib Mid-Atlantic:
VuStuff IV:

DIRECTIONS BY TRAIN: From any Center City station, take the Paoli/Thorndale line to the Villanova station.

After leaving the train at Villanova, cross under the tracks through the tunnel, then exit the station toward campus.

Follow the path uphill toward Mendel Hall, which you will recognize by a skywalk above the walking path. The library is the next building past Mendel. If you take a left and follow the path between Mendel and the library, you can walk all the way around the library building to the front entrance. (Unfortunately, the more direct route to the entrance may be blocked by construction fencing, though the location of this fencing changes day to day). We will endeavor to post signs to help guide you along the way.

DIRECTIONS BY CAR: General driving directions and a campus map can be found here:

Please print out and display on your dashboard this Parking Pass when you arrive: Parking Pass

NOTE: Previous instructions had you parking in the SAC Parking lot (and your parking pass will indicate this as well).  Because of construction, the road leading to this parking deck will be closed.  As such, please park in the main parking lot (showin in the map below).


Directions to Falvey Library from the Main Parking Lot (follow the blue route on map provided to the red building):  When you arrive on campus, you may notice a bit of commotion.  This summer brought in a new wave of construction on campus, which unfortunately is centered right in front of the library. Because of this, and because of the constantly moving construction fences, the map above may not be completly accurate on the day you arrive; however, we'll do our best to keep up with the shifting fences and to be as accuate as possible on the day of your arrival.

Again, please keep in mind that although your parking pass says SAC lot, please park in our main parking lot.  From the main lot, cross route 30 and follow the path up to the St. Thomas of Villanova Cathedral. From there, instead of walking on the road leading behind the Cathedral (you’ll hit the heart of construction this way), take a right and follow the path behind St Rita Hall (these will be the first building on your right). After passing Alumni Hall (the building now on your left) take a left at the first opening in the fences.  Follow this path straight and you should arrive directly in front of Falvey Library.  Enter the front doors and the registration table should be right in front of you.

DINNER: Following the conferences on Monday and Wednesday, you are welcome to join an informal dinner meeting at Gullifty’s, starting around 5:00pm:

The cost of dinner is not included in the conference.

The restaurant is one train stop away from Villanova in Rosemont, and is also a short drive away.

CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have any questions or problems, feel free to email us here.

Also, an emergency contact number has been included in your final registrant email, please feel free to use that number in case of emergency either right before or during the conference.