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About VuStuff

VuStuff is an annual conference on the intersections between technology and scholarly communication.  It takes place every Fall at Villanova University's Falvey Memorial Library.

VuStuff I focused on technological projects at Falvey, including VuFind, the Digital Library, the Community Bibliography, in-house e-publishing and more.  It also featured the first ever Vuie Award, presented to UPenn's Shawn Martin.

VuStuff II focused on projects from the regional community related to access and openness, including presentations on VuFind and the "Catholic Portal", Preservation of Archival Mining Maps, Regional Mass Digitization Programs, and the Digitization of the Pittsburgh Catholic.

VuStuff III focused on projects from the regional community related to digital projects and preservation, including presentations highlighting regional efforts to preserve local heritage and improving digital content.

This year's conference, VuStuff IV, will seek presentations from regional librarians on technology and scholarly communication in their respective libraries.  We hope to foster an ongoing conversation among regional libraries, in order to further the development of technology in service of scholarly communication.



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